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Leah Penland, Owner/Operator of Be Inspired

Leah Penland

A Jack of all trades is a master of none but oftentimes, better than a master of one..

Artist Bio

  Born in the Pacific Northwest, Leah Penland has been heavily influenced by her coastal surroundings.  She began drawing at a very young age and was even recognized as having artistic promise as early as 6 years old.  Having always had a keen sense of observation and affection for faces, Leah appreciated the many subtleties of difference in each individual.  As an adult she enjoyed travel and retained her love of water, continuing to live mostly on coastal lands near the ocean.  Leah eventually moved to New Mexico from Hawaii in 2009 where she did not easily adjust to the desert landscape but, painting the ocean helped her keep the coast close to her heart. 

  Leah's experience extends across many mediums though she specializes in charcoal, oil and acrylic paints.  In 2014 she began teaching paint and sip classes and later opened her own paint party business in 2017.  Leah has grown her business steadily over the years to include commissioned artwork, murals and live painting for events. She has created many murals ranging in size up to and over 100 sq. ft. and has live painted for many events including the 2019 American Heart Foundation Heart Ball. 


  In 2019 Leah was honored with a number of awards, most notably, Albuquerque Journal's Business Outlook "Business Women of the Year".  Leah won The Excellence Award, having the most nominations across all categories over all. She was also awarded Business Woman in Arts & Entertainment and was a Vision Award Honoree.

Albuquerque Journal Business Outlook Business Women Of The Year Artist Leah Penland of Be Inspired
It's OK if the paint doesn't all land on the canvas😂😍


Giving back to our community

  Leah has a passion for nurturing children, specifically the underprivileged. She has used her paint parties as a form of therapeutic art, volunteering her classes to foster children in the Albuquerque area. She has also volunteered her services to various law enforcement organizations among other causes. Using her talents as a way to give back has been and will always be a core fundamental of Leah's business. 

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