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Women in Business


  Leah Penland is being honored with the Excellence Award for receiving the most nominations overall.

  She created her live painting endeavor, Be Inspired, from scratch and turned it into a business.

  Penland teaches paint classes around the metro area for special events and even at homes for private parties.

  She is known for donating her time and artistry to support local causes, including offering free therapeutic paint sessions for foster children.

  Her supporters said she is a joy to be around, a great teacher and excellent at "not just creating art but, helping other everyday people create art."

  And from yet another supporter:

"Leah is a lovely soul who exudes talent and inspiration both in her business and everyday life. She is a wonderful artist and she has made it her life goal to teach others how to be more artistic and use their talents. An inspiration to the community and her son."

profile artist.jpg
Leah Penland, Owner/operator of Be Inspired